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The Melbourne 350

It would be hard to argue with 350 witnesses who saw same thing, right? Wrong. In 1966, a group of teens and staff from a Melbourne, Australia witnessed several UFOs, silently flying in the sky. They reported that the craft then landed in a field nearby. This sighting over Westall High School, named The Melbourne 350, is the largest mass UFO sighting in the country, so why was nothing ever reported about it?

Over the last 50+ years, differing reports have emerged with some people assured there were three UFOs, while others only believed they saw one, but all witnesses are certain they saw something highly unusual that day. One witness, a teacher at the time, was interviewed by UFOlogist Dr. James E. McDonald and explained the experience in detail. Andrew Greenwood, the teacher, provided interesting evidence about the sighting.

After a hysterical child ran into his classroom exclaiming there was a UFO outside, Greenwood had to take a look for himself. To his surprise, he witnesses a UFO hovering above the powerline while a group of students looked on. He described it as round, silver, the size of a car, and with a metal rod extending into the air. Even more interesting was what surrounded the unidentified aircraft. Five planes suddenly came and surrounded the object as the audience below grew in size. Amazingly, no collisions occurred, but the UFO constantly accelerated away from the planes if they got too close. This went on for almost half an hour before the UFO suddenly disappeared.

McDonald stated that both the students and employees were warned by the headmaster that there would be punishment if they spoke of the incident, contradicting outside reports that the government was behind the coverup and unpublicized incident. According to McDonald, the headmaster even dodged requests from the Royal Australian Airforce about the incident. Several witnesses also reported visits from men in black suits warning them from speaking about the UFOs, leaving McDonald to speak out alone about the incident, as his fellow witnesses could not be convinced to share their perspective.

Today, many want to know why the black suit visitors and headmaster went through such trouble to suppress any witness testimonies about the event. And why, almost half a decade after the event, are these facts from McDonald just now coming to light? Is there something larger at play here? McDonald’s testimony is curious and compelling, and the event seems to have been witnessed by too many to be a hoax. So what really happened at The Melbourne 350 and why are the answers so hard to find? Let’s hope it doesn’t take another 50 years to discover the truth.

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04 mar 2022

As a citizen of the United Kingdom, I would have been of the opinion that I would have to witness UFO phenomenon before I would be critical of sightings made by individuals, but having witness such phenomenon I now have an open mind. One can only assumed that sightings will be logically explained, but if not then only one conclusion can be made, we are not alone in the cosmos.

I witness an unidentified aerial phenomenon or unidentified flying object, but for reasons I will not disclose or elaborate on, or until I am informed differently. Logically try to understand that our fellow citizens of whom the vast majority are of sound mind. These sightings must have a plausible explanation.

Mi piace
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