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Christmas Gift Guide from the UFO Museum

The weather is cooling down, twinkling lights adorn houses on every block, and the holiday spirit can be felt everywhere you go! It’s officially December in Roswell and the UFO Museum has created a holiday gift guide for everyone to enjoy! Read on to discover our must-have holiday favorites, essentials for the season, and even some funny ideas to include in gag gift exchanges this Christmas. Let’s jump in!

Holiday Favorites

From ornaments to stockings and festive alien faces, we’ve got all kinds of holiday-themed products available online in our e-gift shop. Here’s a collection of our favorite Christmas gifts for the whole family.

Alien Christmas Stocking

Handmade UFO Museum Ornaments

Alien Santa Ornament

Alien Wreath Ornament

Alien Ornament

RALF Acrylic Ornament

Silver UFO Ornament

Alien Santa Truck Ornament

Alien Santa Socks

Holidaliens Comic Book

Holidaliens Coloring Books

Seasonal Essentials

When the holidays arrive, there are just some things you can’t live without. Cuddle up with a hot drink and get cozy with our selection of essential products for the best time of the year.

UFO Museum Themed Face Masks

Aliens & Cow Tall Socks

UFO Museum Mug

Alien Beanie

Alien Scarf

Gag Gifts

We’ve got good gifts, but we’ve definitely got some silly ones as well! If you want to be the “laugh” of the party, we’ve got a few ideas to help get you there! Whether you’re looking for a classic conspiracy theorist accessory (can you say tin foil hat?!) or something unusual to inspire a smile, we’ve got a list that will get you started on great gag gifts.

Tin Foil Hat

UFO License

Alien Toilet Paper

Alien Skull

Alien Crossing Sign

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