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The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident

December 29, 1980 will live on forever in the memories of Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum, and Vickie’s seven-year-old grandson, Colby. The trio was driving north of Houston, through the southern tip of the east Texas piney woods, when something terrifying happened. A massive triangular UFO hovered above the woods, about 130 feet away, causing Cash, the driver, to slam on her brakes. Both Cash and Landrum exited the car to investigate, but were immediately subjected to intense, burning heat, felt on their faces and bodies. The heat was so intense that Landrum left a handprint on the dashboard of their car upon her reentry. Through heat and fire, the UFO rose and was suddenly surrounded with a number of helicopters before all the aircraft disappeared from view.

Soon after arriving home, the three witnesses, Cash most severely, fell ill and were covered in blisters, experienced nausea, loss of hair, red eye, intense headaches, and even diarrhea. A few days later, Cash was admitted to the hospital because of her unbearable symptoms that had left her unable to walk and barely conscious. The remaining two victims experienced less severe symptoms, to their dismay. Doctors later described the unusual case symptomatic of radiation poisoning from a massive event such as Hiroshima.

So What To Think?

An incident such as this one is hard to deny. The physical evidence is abundant and long-lasting. Many witnesses were involved, including the three in the car as well as more who experienced the sighting from afar. The handprint on the dashboard and health problems that have continued for decades after the fact solidify proof of something highly unusual. If witnesses are correct, aliens are the answer.

After the Fact

Because of the lasting effects and terrifying nature of the UFO sighting, the women pursued their case through law enforcement and the courts for years. Unfortunately (but also unsurprisingly from all we know about reported UFO cases) official agencies have denied all knowledge of the incident. However, it seems like a bad cover-up considering the helicopters that were reported to have surrounded the spacecraft were identified as twin-rotor Boeing CH-47 Chinooks used by military branches such as the Army and Marines. It’s easy to brush incidents under the rug when they have little evidence and few witnesses, but to deny the witnesses involved proper sympathy and care is a different matter entirely. Many UFO witnesses over the years reported similar burns from related incidents, so one must ask why nobody seems to care?

Witness Testimonies & The Public

UFOs have been reported numerous times by numerous parties across the globe. It’s a disservice to not only those involved, but possibly the entire world to be left in the dark about alien activity in our world. In the end, only time and continued reports will push the science and study of UFOlogy out into the open for everyone to benefit from.

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