Norwegian Spiral 2009

In early December of 2009, Norway saw an unusual occurrence that prompted news reports, conspiracy theories, and lots of publicity. Before dawn on December 9, 2009, a large, blue, spiral of light suddenly appeared on the horizon. The spiral moved, circling into a large black hole before fizzling out and disappearing. The sight was unbelievable, like nothing the hundreds of onlookers had ever seen before. But what was it? Questions buzzed among locals.

Official Reports

According to reports, the light show was a result of a failed rocket launch, the Bulava ICBM, which is known to be a missile plagued with problems and imperfect test launches. Unconfirmed by Russian officials, an anonymous military source responded that it had been a submarine missile launch in the White Sea. The missile, rumored to have been “out of control”, exploded on the dim morning horizon creating an unusual light pattern in the shape of a spiral that was showcased from the sun’s beams reflecting off of and backlighting the leaking fuel. However, one Russian official denied any claims of rocket launches leaving skeptics to speculate just what in the world the spiral really was.

Skeptics Respond

Those that believe the explanation was too easy cited the amazing videos published showing the phenomenon. Questions about auroras (northern lights), Russian spaceships, magnetic fields, a blackhole project by the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and even a massive projection in the sky have all been raised by skeptics. Most notably, though, UFO reports explaining the event emerged, leaving ufologists confident that the incident proves that life exists outside our universe.

Proof of Alien Life?

When watching the video, the unusual spiral in the sky seems to show the twisting of the sky itself. Could it be a portal? A wormhole? Matter spinning around a ship with extraterrestrial technology? Even more, the end of the video seems to corroborate the story further, with a flying-saucer shaped hole, surrounded by a ring of white fire, clearly visible in the morning sky. UFO watchers believe this to be the strongest proof yet that alien life does exist. Furthermore, a Chinese TV show had previously aired in April of 2009 with a very similar UFO explanation and visual, leading many to believe the incident is truly extraterrestrial. With the science community’s statement that they’ve “never seen anything like it” and the Russian military’s dodgy explanations and claims for the phenomenon, the possibility of a true UFO sighting is more believable than ever.


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