The Passing of the Guard

This years' annual Roswell UFO festival marked a significant milestone, albeit a sad one; It was the retirement of the true father and researcher of the famed 1947 event, nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman. Personally, I have known Stan for almost 40 years and through that time have considered him a most vital part of the continuing Roswell inquiry. More importantly, a true and valued friend. At times are association could be downright adversarial. But it never became personal. At times we could publicly argue about specific elements within our independent investigations of this granddaddy of all UFO cases. But we would always shake hands and support the others efforts with admiration and respect. After all, it was Stan who invited me into the fold back in the fall of 1988 when I approached him about conducting a separate investigation about his own pride and joy - Roswell. He responded with enthusiasm and an outward appearance of optimism that the youth were stepping in to join the fray. True, as we became more and more competitors, the strain at times caused us to respond with verbal jousts and yet we still remained true to the brass ring. It didn't matter who won the race - we both would win. Roswell remains the ultimate enigma of all time and true to form a mystery provides many obstacles and wrong turns. We have both made our share but our paths have always realigned and that light which beckoned us both was from the same source. Regretfully, Stan will no longer be part of the chase as he has announced his well-deserved final farewell. The search will not only seem a bit lonelier but the prize has lost some of its allure. Needless to say, when the final solution to this most famous event, which Stanton Friedman championed all these years, discloses to the world its true place in history, whether there or in spirit, Stan's mark will be just as significant. On numerous occasions Stan would flatter me with the accolade, "Don, we make a good team." Well, the game continues and the victory is at hand. Keep rooting from the sidelines Stan, this ones also for you. - Don Schmitt

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