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The Height 611 UFO Incident

In January of 1986, Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai, Soviet Union was the landing site for a UFO crash. Despite whispers among locals, the incident wasn’t really made public knowledge until almost a decade later in 1995 when an American UFOlogy TV series, Sightings, decided to uncover the secrets of the crash. However, The Height 611 UFO Incident produced otherworldly evidence that’s hard to deny, even for the most serious skeptics.

The Crash

Late in the evening on January 29, 1986 a random assortment of eyewitnesses experienced an unbelievable sight. Over 20 people reported seeing a flying, spherical object shoot across the ground at over 120 mph. Suddenly, the object seemed to lose control and plummeted into Limestone Mountain, also referred to as Height 611. The impact was strong and led to the spherical object immediately bursting into flames, how it would remain for hours on end.

Research & Aftermath

On February 3, just a few days after the initial crash, a team from the Academy of Sciences arrived to investigate. This eastern branch of the research committee on anomalous aerial phenomena set off to uncover what the mysterious object was and how it arrived. The 6.5’ by 6.5’ crash site was littered with an unusual black-like film and pounds of lead, mesh fragments, and beads. Detailed photos were also taken, but upon review, had come out blank once developed.


Despite the disappointment of the blank photos, research into the debris left behind revealed unexplainable results. Lead, silicon, and iron composed the beads while soil and material tests from the crash site showed the area had close similarities to evidence from the Tunguska event. Most notably, however, the mesh fragments recovered were almost indestructible when submerged in strong acids and organic solvents. They also contained high concentrations of gold, which levels were unmatched in the area. Dalnegorsk is rumored to attract UFOs due to its unique fields of rare metals. Assuming this fact is true, it’s unsurprising that the site held such conclusive evidence of a UFO crash.

Questions Go Unanswered

In the next year, additional sightings of similar UFOs were reported, all having a connection to Height 611, either in proximity or by similar crash details. Exactly 3 years later, witnesses again saw a UFO land on Height 611 at the crash site. The curious sightings left many wondering if there was a deeper significance to the 1980 crash, as well as confirming many theories about UFOs’ attraction to Dalnegorsk’s terrain. In addition, Sightings’ interest in the case led more information about the crash to be released, resulting in a Russian analysis statement confirming that the debris signaled otherworldly origins. What do you think?

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