Stop Moving the Goal Line


Recently, I observed a wearisome debate on another blog aroused by those who summarily dismiss the validity of the Roswell Incident for the mere fact that a handful of witnesses have proven to be less than genuine concerning their involvement. I retorted that historian and author John Coster Mullen of atomic bomb fame, had informed me that through the years many former airmen have claimed to have been on board the B-29 Bombers Enola Gay and Boxcar which obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki with their payloads. Their claims were easily dismissed as false and in no way tarnished the historic nature of both situations. Any law-enforcement agent will testify that given a typical high-profile criminal investigation, they receive hundreds of false leads and literally dozens of confessions all without merit. It is through a legitimate process of elimination and good old gum-shoe detective work that they are able to separate the wheat from the chaff. This certainly continues to be the case with Roswell. For every alleged witness who may be disqualified, dozens remain unscathed and have provided essential details, often corroborated by both second and thirdhand witnesses. We are always able to place them, as you might say, "at the scene of the crime." There are records which establish their presence at the Roswell Army Air Field for example. Base year books and city directories have been invaluable tools for proving their proximity to the event. Eye-witness testimony has often placed fellow human beings on death row. Add deathbed confessions, admissible in U.S. courts of law to the mix and one can begin to see why a few rotten eggs should not spoil the entire affair. From beginning to end, Roswell is forged on precisely what transpired, minute by minute, location by location, person by person - whether military or civilian. These experiencers there in 1947 reacted extraordinarily to something extraordinary. And those who would deny their historic accounts had better weigh all the facts before casting judgment on a few. Roswell remains too relevant to suffer the verdict of those, in spite of their true agenda, simply seek to make it irrelevant. - Don Schmitt


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