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Sci-Fi Shows to Binge Watch at Home

Lately, the world has seen day-to-day life change drastically as unprecedented events take place across the globe. With entertainment venues and museums temporarily closed, many are turning to streaming services to fill their down time. We’ve got some ideas for sci-fi shows our visitors can binge watch to pass the time! If you’re looking for spaceships, alien encounters, action, and suspense, check out some of these shows to find which one you want to watch! We’ve added adult and family-friendly shows to the list, so make sure you check it out yourself before you turn on the TV.


The X-Files: A classic sci-fi series, the X-Files is a great binge-worthy series to watch with 11 series available on Hulu. Follow a pair of FBI agents as they look into unexplainable events, including UFOs and ghosts. Pairing up a skeptic and a believer to investigate makes the show worthy the hype, even after all these years.

Stargate Universe: Space, time travel, aliens, scientists, military personnel, and civilians get together to create a wild series. Stranded on an ancient ship, the trapped group of strangers is forced to work together to find a way home, thousands of lightyears away, in an unknown universe. With all the elements for a great sci-fi series, you can watch both seasons of it on Hulu.

Doctor Who: Humor, adventure, and imagination unite with Doctor Who. A humanoid alien and Time Lord, The Doctor uses his (or her!) spaceship to travel around the universe with human companions and save the world from destruction. Witty and whimsical, Doctor Who explores time periods and galaxies, while dodging evil forces along the way. It will be available on HBO Max in May 2020 or you can buy the seasons on Amazon Prime in the meantime.

The Expanse: Intricate worlds exist in the galaxy with three separate camps for humans to inhabit: Earth, Mars, and The Belt. When unknown alien tech is discovered, though, things begin to come undone, threatening everything. Forced to save humanity from alien weapons, one man steps up. There are politics and suspense, adventure and conflict, and unpredictable things happening throughout to keep viewers hooked. Find it on Amazon Prime and watch all 4 available seasons.

Star Trek: Intergalactic adventures abound on the USS Enterprise in this iconic series. Follow along as the crew explores space, new life forms, and the unknown. There are numerous films and shows based on the original series, so if you’ve never seen them before, you’re in luck! There’s plenty of Star Trek shows available. You can find the original series, as well as the newer series, on Netflix and Hulu.

Ancient Aliens: Let Ancient Aliens guide you through Earth’s history, asking questions to learn more about extraterrestrial visitors. Could they have visited thousands of years ago, leaving us clues along the way? Watch all 15 seasons as history is traced from dinosaurs to the Egyptian pyramids and then to more recent mass UFO sightings that shocked the public. Ancient Aliens has several seasons available to start watching on Netflix.

Roswell, New Mexico: Based on none other than our hometown of Roswell, this drama and mystery series follows one woman’s journey home where she discovers her teenage crush is actually a secret alien, posing as a police officer. A violent attack and government cover-up set the story in motion. Will romance be crushed with the politics and fear surrounding the existence of aliens? What will happen if secrets are suddenly exposed? Follow along on Netflix of The CW and see what really happens in Roswell.


Race to Witch Mountain: A Disney adventure follows a cab driver who accidentally encounters two extraterrestrial siblings in need of help. Trying to find their way back home, the adventurous trio must travel to Witch Mountain where the siblings’ crashed spaceship is buried. Government operatives and an alien bounty hunter stand in their way, but with the help of paranormal powers and sheer determination, the group battles back to prevent Earth’s impending invasion. Stream Race to Witch Mountain on Netflix.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Great for the whole family, Indiana Jones embarks on another quest to find treasure. This time, it’s a crystal skull said to have supernatural powers hidden deep in the Amazon. Set during the Cold War, Indy’s adventures will keep you on the edge of your seat. Find Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Netflix.

Farmageddon – A Shaun the Sheep Movie: A perfect animated movie for the kids! Shaun the Sheep adventures with his friends to discover more about the UFO encounter that has marked their town. Add a mischievous alien and flying saucers and you’ve got a cute comedy that’s family friendly. You can find Farmageddon on Netflix.

Space Jam: Michael Jordan stars as himself in this 1990s Loony Tunes action comedy. When aliens come from outer space to bring the Loony Tunes back with them, they’re met with more than they expected. Join the group as shape-shifting, basketball playing, and general shenanigans ensue. Space Jam is currently available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

Evolution: Enjoy comedic relief and aliens in Evolution, a story about a meteor crash that causes major chaos on Earth. When aliens are released upon their crash landing, 4 people are all that can fight them in the battle for world domination. Bad news? Probably. Watch Evolution on Netflix today.

Occupation: Aliens take over a small Australia town in this action movie. Faced with peril and annihilation, a group of survivors must fight to not only survive, but to win. The devastating ground invasion taught them to stay one step ahead of their attackers, but working together is harder than it seems while they look for an opportunity to strike back. You can stream this adult action movie on Netflix.

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