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Is Project Blue Book a Thing of the Past?

We do not often hear much about Project Blue Book, the code name for the Air Force unit which officially investigated UFOs from 1947 to 1969. Despite numerous reports that the project was not in fact stopped, the official U.S. government position is that there was nothing to report.

In March 2017, former President George W. Bush was on Jimmy Kimmel and was asked directly if he could comment on the secret UFO files kept by the U.S. government. His answer was pretty much...

“No.” As in, “No comment.” As in, “No, we cannot talk about that.”

Not one to be daunted, Kimmel also asked former President’s Bill Clinton (in 2015) and Barak Obama (in 2016) the same question and received the same response, though Obama took the fun a bit further. In response to claims that Bill Clinton stated there was nothing in the files, Obama retorted, ““Well, you know, that’s what we’re instructed to say.”

Why the Secrecy About UFOs?

Although one can assume that there must be something to the rumors about what the United States government knows regarding alien life, a non-answer is just that…a non-answer. One can only assume what these former heads of state are hiding, if anything. And if they are not hiding something, why carry on the ruse?

In fact, around the world, governments are very hush, hush when it comes to UFOs and the possibility of alien races visiting out planet. Why?

Here Are the Possible Reasons for the Coverups:

Of course, there could be many plausible explanations for why W, Obama, and heads of state worldwide keep silent on the matter of UFOs. Here are the top four:

1. To keep people guessing (because doing so is fun)

2. To keep people arguing (because that is a great way to control populations)

3. To keep the public in the dark about the truth (because they “can’t handle the truth”)

4. Because they are no longer in charge and the aliens have already taken over

What Did Project Blue Book Tell Us?

One of the first things Project Blue Book tells us is that the United States government OFFICIALLY stopped investigating UFOs in 1969. This would make sense from a National Security perspective because if concerned, the government would naturally shut down the Air Force investigation and turn it over to one of the national investigative bodies, like the CIA.

From that perspective, government officials could then state clearly and directly that Project Blue Book had been shut down. End of story.

Not quite.

Today we know that Area 51 at Groom Lake, Nevada was operated by the CIA in 1955, when the U-2 aircraft was developed. In fact, the CIA discusses this location on its own website. Yet, Area 51 continues to exist with the tightest security of any military base in North America, so one cannot help but wonder what is there?

Project Blue Book also tells us that the United States Air Force conducted more than 12,000 investigations into UFO reports in the period covering 1947 to 1969 of which, it found that nearly 700 could not be explained.

Think about that.

The U.S. government closed a case with nearly 4% of the reports unsolved. Really?

Think in terms of law enforcement. Investigative bodies in America NEVER close a case. A case may go cold. In such situations, the case is shelved until new information comes to light, but it is never closed until solved.

Yet we are to believe that the government had 700 such cases and decided, “Ah, we cannot figure it out, so there must not be anything to it.”

Right. We believe you.

Project Blue Book…Gone for Good?

Project Blue Book will never be gone for good. UFOlogists the world over sift through documents such as those provided by the U.S. Air Force for clues to the mysteries then and now. Closing the book on Project Blue Book does not resolve current questions such as, “Why is the Pentagon compiling data on wormholes, warp drives, and cloaking devices?”…you know, the stuff of science fiction AND alien research.

The 700 unsolved sightings the Air Force has “given up on” continue to be investigated by others. The thousands of sightings each year attest to the fact that UFOs are not going anywhere either.

As long as the truth is out there, someone will continue to seek it…Blue Book or not.

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Nov 23, 2019

Are we actually the aliens? Does the Old Testament in a manner describe our beginnings in a codified manner and show us how our "heavenly" creators want us to conduct our selves? There are some magnificent events that have transpired that defy any common-day explanation.

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