If UFOs Are No Concern Why is the NSA So Interested?

The National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States is tasked with protecting the public, defending vital U.S. interests, and advancing alliances among other duties. The NSA is largely an intelligence community which collects information deemed important to protecting the United States from antagonistic entities while helping secure strategic allies. Thus, any information which is considered important to the United States, the President and his cabinet will request the attention of the NSA.

Is UFO Watching a Vital U.S. Security Interest?

Since the Roswell UFO Crash of 1947, an official coverup of UFO and alien-related findings appears to have begun. First with the Air Force, which quickly swept in to secure the crash site and remove evidence, the U.S. government has systematically covered up all but the flimsiest evidence of alien encounters. Sure, the Air Force allowed certain photos and other forms of so-called evidence to leak to the public, especially if these were easily identified as hoaxes. But if the evidence was strong, it disappeared.

Early this year, the Navy Department launched its own program of suppression after numerous pilots reported unknown crafts flying past them. Most striking is that the Navy pilots were already traveling at Mach speeds…in the fastest known aircrafts, yet said they felt they were sitting still compared to what passed them.

Then there was and remains the infamous Area 51 near Groom Lake, Nevada. Best-known for the warnings along the fence which authorize deadly force against intruders, Area 51 remains a highly classified secret. This is a policy not uncommon at military bases…overseas in war zones. In the U.S., it is the only such facility with such a warning. Why?

Perhaps the reason lay in the fact that the NSA is involved. Every President since Jimmy Carter has been asked about UFOs and each has both evaded the question and refused to give a direct answer. Yet, if the United States government had no interest in the possibility of aliens visiting the earth, if there were no conclusive evidence suggesting the reality of extraterrestrial life, if UFOs really are just weather balloons or natural phenomena tricking people…why have the NSA collect and keep detailed information?

What is the NSA Collecting About Aliens and UFOs?

The whole story about UFOs that the government continues to feed the public is full of holes. Sadly, pun intended. There remain just far too many unanswered questions for the public to continue believing the official government stance that we are not being visited from people beyond our own planet, solar system, or galaxy.

Too many witnesses have stepped forward with stories of abductions…of being captured by aliens, even a couple involving animals such as cows. More people today