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BOOK REVIEW - The Complete Space Buff's Bucket List: 100 Space Things to do Before You Die

The Complete Space Buff's Bucket List: 100 Space Things to Do Before You Die

By Loretta Hall

Ever since the first man walked on the face of the moon, people around the world have longed to go into space. The popularity of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is in part because many of us can relate to the idea of people traveling the universe, if only as someone hitching a ride. And, ever since Elon Musk founded Space X with the idea of eventually developing commercial space travel, more people than ever are dreaming of a walk in the stars.

If you are a space buff and the idea of packing a bag and heading out to Alpha Centauri for a vacation is appealing, then Loretta Hall has just the book for you. Packed with succinct yet clearly written items to add to your own personal bucket list, The Complete Space Buff’s Bucket List: 100 Space Things to do before You Die is a must read.

Some of the items will prepare you for the possibility of life on other worlds such as the Biosphere and Skydive excursions while others will simply prepare you mentally for the journey. Naturally, one of the must visits she recommends is to Area 51, where many believe the government is experimenting on aliens captured in 1947. And another is to the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, where that alien crashed.

Of course, space flight would not have been possible without the help of certain primate cousins, so one of the items on her list is to “Find out if you are smarter than a Chimpanzee.” And, there are things to do which will especially thrill the younger minds, such as Smell Space? And yes, you can try this at home.

In addition, Hall also recommends preparation for the flight itself by going to Brooklyn to experience doing things in a real space suit.

Of course, she packs a lot in this short book and some readers may find that things they expected are not on the list. To be fair, she acknowledges this and knows that everyone will have their own Space Bucket List. Just remember though, a bucket list is a very personal thing, but The Complete Space Buff’s Bucket List will get many pointed in the right direction.

We highly recommend this book, which you can get now in our online gift shop.

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