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Alien Abduction Insurance Policies

Did you know you can purchase alien abduction insurance? Seriously! According to a Geico blog post, a London-based firm has sold over 30,000 policies throughout Europe. Like other insurance, alien abduction policies can be used to cover medical or psychiatric care, lost wages, or additional damages caused by an alien abduction. Also, contrary to many life insurance policies, these insurance claims can be filed if abductees are considered missing and never return.

If you’re a believer and alien abductions are a concern, you might be interested in learning more about this. However, you should consider that filing a claim will require proof of the occurrence. This would likely include providing specific information about the aliens and spacecraft involved, a detailed description about the incident, passing a lie detector test, providing video footage and alien signatures, and including statements from a third-party witness. Also, coverage will only include one abduction, so if you have “frequent flier miles” on alien spacecraft, you won’t benefit from a policy. However, if history has taught us anything, it’s that the general population can be pretty skeptical of aliens and abduction stories… So getting that insurance payout might be more difficult than one would imagine. In fact, it might be the most difficult to prove in comparison to the myriad of other unusual policies available. (We’re talking werewolfs, vampires, and ghosts, here….)

A word to the wise: Alien abduction insurance is deemed more humorous than serious. Many policies are intended as a gag gift, focusing on the novelty of the insurance rather than its actual financial protection. Whatever you do, make sure you do serious research beforehand before you spend too much on any unusual insurance policy. However, if you’re searching for a unique gift for the alien enthusiast in your life, this might just be the thing you’re looking for!

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