Witness to Roswell

Witness to Roswell

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Thomas Cary and Don Schmitt bring you Witness to Roswell, a detailed, eye-witness account of the infamous Roswell UFO incident that occurred outside of the small New Mexico town in the mid 1900’s. This best-selling book is one of the most comprehensive lists of events that transpired during July of 1942, unearthing secrets the government doesn’t want us to know.

When a mysterious object crashed on a ranch outside of Roswell on July 7, 1942, the event snowballed into a media frenzy. A local rancher discovered wreckage of what he believed what a UFO, but once government officials were called to investigate, the mystery only grew for the public. Reports of alien spacecrafts, extraterrestrial remains, and otherworldly discoveries plagued the town, but nobody involved could discuss the incident. In fact, many townspeople spoke out, saying they were threatened by the government to keep quiet. When official military reports emerged with what seemed like definitive proof that the wreckage was a downed weather balloon, interest in the incident died down. However, not everyone believed the story, leaving questions unanswered and witnesses silenced in fear.

In Witness to Roswell, the truth emerges, leaving readers intrigued at the very real possibility that there was, in fact, more to the story. Eyewitnesses recount what they remember from that fateful day, including the alien bodies discovered and the sole visitor from beyond who survived the crash.

This collection of the best reports that emerged from the incident includes more information on the military’s handling of the evidence, the high security levels that surrounded the recovery operations, dying confessions from those involved, and the shocking details of the government’s massive coverup efforts. Witness to Roswell is a pivotal source of truth for an event marked with suspicion and lies. The Roswell Incident isn’t just an interesting myth, it’s a true story, and the witnesses will no longer be sworn to secrecy.

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