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You came. You saw. You were conquered. Now you believe and have become part of the alien plan to deliver the earth from…oh, wait. That was our movie script.


This large sticker is important to show the world that not only did you visit the largest repository of UFO research in North America, you found the evidence so compelling, so overwhelming, that you simply had to let others know of your visit.


Will they believe that you came to our museum? Or will they call your vacation a conspiracy? Will the U.S. Military intervene to confiscate the back window of your car where you have carefully placed your sticker?


We do not think so, but one can never know, right?


Printed in basic black on white with the words, “International UFO Museum Roswell, NM” conspicuously set on a black oval outlined white background, this sticker meets all UFOM standards. Also available in hot pink.


SKU: 1623
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