UFO Highway LARGE Sticker

UFO Highway LARGE Sticker

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The UFO Highway is long and fast. Travel is tricky and treacherous. In fact, few know this, but the UFO Highway passes right over Roswell, NM.


That is why, in 1947 a family of extraterrestrials crashed near here. To celebrate this event in a subtle way, the International UFO Museum has created this commemorative sticker.

This bold, colorful design featuring three flying saucers from the Planet Eugene, are on their way to the mountains to go skiing. As the ships soar over the UFO Highway, a bright, orange and green New Mexico desert slips past leading to the Rocky Mountains and points beyond.


No word on where the 1947 alien family was headed, but we understand that the UFO Highway has been repaired since they crashed.


Show the world you know about the UFO Highway with this large, UFOM-LS-07 approved sticker.