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What better way to surprise and delight friends and others than with an official AL-IEN U.F.O. License. Next time someone accuses you of being from another planet, just whip this out and confirm their suspicions. They will never look at you the same again.


This official Tennessee UFO License (D.M.V.) features an official photo of AL-IEN along with identifying features like:


* Sex: ?

* Height: 3’3”

* Weight: Weightless

* Hair: None

* Eyes: Black

* Birthday: BC

* Expiration Date: 10 Lightyears

* Class: D

* Endorsements: Y,O,U


And, in case you are ever stopped by Intergalactic Police, it even includes your address as Abduction Lane, USA, Earth Galaxy and your SS#: 000-Outer-Space.


Stamped as “OFFICIAL” in bold Red print, no celestial law enforcement will question this license to operate spacecraft anywhere in the galaxy.


NOTE: Not to be used in earth vehicles, nor intended to take the place of official earth vehicle licensing. This license is only to be used when traveling between the atmosphere of earth and the outer reaches of the Solar System. This license is not valid in other galaxies without additional endorsements from the Intergalactic Enforcement Services (IES).


Laminated for durability.

Tennessee U.F.O. License

SKU: 785
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