Roswell Dig Diaries

Roswell Dig Diaries

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Thomas J. Carey, Donald Schmitt, William Doleman, and the SCI FI Channel have teamed up to write and compile research for The Roswell Dig Diaries, part of an archeological report about the Roswell UFO crash site. What was found? Was it really a weather balloon? Does alien life exist? What is the truth about Roswell? This book sets out to uncover the answers to all those questions and more. As a “comprehensive, exclusive, in-depth exploration of the infamous Roswell UFO incident,” The Roswell Dig Diaries provides readers a chance to decide the truth for themselves.

Part of the SCI FI Channel’s “ongoing mission to separate fiction from fact”, modern day technology and tools are used to dig deeper into the Roswell Incident. Compiling scientific findings, never-before-seen photos and maps, as well as correspondence and journals about the incident, The Roswell Dig Diaries details an important search into Roswell’s most infamous historical event.

The Roswell Dig Diaries is the literary companion to The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence, a SCI FI Channel original special. The book stands as a thought provoking, behind-the-scenes look at the Roswell crash area, sharing the joys and trials of a project faced with intense scrutiny, and otherworldly repercussions. While the crash is a source of endless controversy, the information included in this book aims to shed more light on what really happened on that fateful summer night outside of Roswell in 1947 and reveal hidden truths about the incident.

Readers will enjoy the detailed commentary included in the book, as well as the insight from the University of New Mexico’s archaeology department and UFOlogist contributions. Whatever your stance on extraterrestrial life, The Roswell Dig Diaries is a helpful resource to further reduce the misunderstandings and complaints between skeptics and believers by providing scientifically backed information to the public.

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