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Roswell Dig Diaries

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In July 1947, something crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. What that object was, as well as what happened in the days following the crash, has been hotly disputed ever since. Did the United States government cover up the existence of an extraterrestrial UFO? Were alien bodies recovered from the crash site? Or was it all nothing more than the failed lauch of a weather balloon? The "Roswell Incident" remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of the twentieth century, and a source of enduring controversy. The Roswell Dig Diaries presents to the public, for very first time, the exclusive complete archeological report, including the final sceintific conclusions of this landmark excavation and never-before-seen maps and photos of the crash site. This groundbreaking volume also takes you behind the scenes of the investigation with exclusive day-by-day personal journals and private company emails, written by everyone from the project leder, Dr. Bill Doleman, to Roswell Report authors Thomas J. Carey and Donald R.Schmitt, to SCI FI Channel executives, to the volunteer dig team members who helped make the investigation possible.