Roswell Alien Space LARGE Sticker

Roswell Alien Space LARGE Sticker

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Show the world just how fond you are of the International UFO Museum in Roswell with this bold, black and green on white cut-shape sticker. The alien on the left ensures that even from a distance, people know where you stand on the matter of extra-terrestrial life.


Not a believer? Not a problem. You can still let friends and foes alike know that you came, you saw, and you conquered your fears of the alien unknown…and the alien known.


Great for the back window of an SUV, rear doors of a tractor-trailer rig, or that brother-in-law who refuses to accept even the possibility of alien life (his big head will do nicely). Authorized by UFOM under the secret code LS-16, this amazing Roswell sticker can be yours today (well, in a few days depending on the shipping option chosen).


Get one now. You know how. Click the link and make them think.