NM Chili LARGE Sticker

NM Chili LARGE Sticker

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What do New Mexico chili peppers have in common with alien life?


Well, waaaaay back in 1947, a world-famous crash took place which was quickly covered up. Although there is much speculation as to why a UFO crashed in the NM desert, we would like to think they were here for a reason.


And we further think that reason could have something to do with our world-famous New Mexico chili peppers. Might they have been coming to collect a few spices for their friends back home? Was it an expedition to determine if the Earth was worthy of an interplanetary trade agreement?


We may never know because the U.S. Military quickly covered it up and sent a resounding message that it believed extraterrestrials were a threat.


And too bad. Wonder what delicacies we may have obtained from the planet Nibiru?