Morning Glory Ever After

Morning Glory Ever After

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Alien Abductions have been the source of much controversy across history, but Morning Glory Ever After: The Story Continues, does not shy away in the face of skepticism. The second book by author Gloria Hawker, it addresses the abductions of not only the author herself, but of others who have experienced similar incidents. Readers will be drawn into the pages as compelling evidence is presented for numerous cases seeking to prove the extraterrestrial phenomenon.


Contrary to Hawker’s first book, Morning Glory: Diary of an Alien Abductee, which is more focused on a single incident, Morning Glory Ever After: The Story Continues details a number of abductions with a truthfulness one reader has described as “exhilarating”. The treacherous, often terrifying encounters are described in detail, building off of the foundation of the first Morning Glory book and keeping readers on the edge of their seats. The firsthand accounts will make everyone consider the reality of these events, skeptics and believers included. Readers will experience a variety of alien encounters over the course of Hawker’s book, including the infamous 1947 Roswell Incident and the truths she uncovered as she worked with investigators to conduct her research.


 Hawker describes her decision to write Morning Glory Ever After in diary form to better capture her memories of abductions, as she did in her initial book, and noted that although her “secret life was revealed” through its publishing, it reached the “one abductee [she] had intended to reach through [her] diary” and therefore made a difference in someone’s life.


Readers of Morning Glory Ever After are sure to have their eyes opened as they flip through the pages of this book because as Hawker believes, alien encounters are real, abduction effects are vast, and learning about this phenomenon is the only way society will ever be able to truly support those who have experienced it for themselves.