Gamadin Book 1 - Word of Honor

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Sixteen-year-olds Harlowe Pylott and Matt Riverstone ditched school to bodysurf the killer waves at the Wedge when their fun is interrupted by a yacht capsizing from a rogue wave. After rescuing the famous movie star, Simon Bolt, and the half-alien socialite, Leucadia Mars, from certain death, Fate, unbeknownst to the boys, has sent them on the greatest ride of their lives. Robobs and the undog are only the beginning. Dakadude killers and black beasts have swooped down from the heavens looking for the galaxy’s most powerful weapon: an ancientGamadin spaceship named Millawanda. If the Daks cannot capture Millawanda, they will kill her while she isstill weak and unprotected . . . along with the Earth and anyone elsewho gets in their way.

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