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Crash at Corona

Crash at Corona

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Stanton Friedman's painstaking investigation of the 1947 crash of flying saucers in New Mexico, including accounts of dozens of witnesses and information gathered from recently de-classified documents, reveals the U.S. government's knowledge and concealment of this and other UFO events over the past half century: On October 28, 1947, a draft order was prepared for American intelligence operatives throughout the world, directing them to get all potentially relevant information about flying saucers. The order was an intelligence collection memorandum from Brig. Gen. George Schulgen, chief of the USAF's Air Intelligence Requirements Division and was based on a summary of flying-saucer characteristics supplied him by Lt. Gen. Nathan Twining, commander of the Air Material Command. "within the order was the first known official mention of the possibility that some of the flying saucers might be extraterrestrial spacecraft"

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