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Book Review: Coronado: The President, The Secret Service, and Alien Abductions by Yvonne R Smith C.HT.


Across from the U.S. Naval Base in San Diego is the Naval Air Station North Island. Located on the southern strip of the island is the Hotel del Coronado. In 1994, the Coronado Hotel was the site of a most inauspicious event.


The organization CERO was hosting an event at the Coronado Hotel. CERO is the acronym for the Close Encounters Research Organization. The organization developed from a support group for a special subset of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) victims. The thing all the victims had in common were alien abductions.


In 1990, certified hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith had started working with certain PTSD victims who had been referred to her by their physicians and psychologists. The goal was to help them work through their traumas, to unravel secrets hidden in their psyches using hypnosis. What she found surprised even her – many of her patients revealed under hypnosis alien abductions and other close encounters. These eventually formed the first support group which ultimately became CERO.


In 1994, 200 members of CERO were meeting at the Coronado Hotel for a conference. In meetings at the hotel at the same time was then President William Jefferson Clinton and other high-ranking government officials. Thus, the hotel was in a state of heightened security.


Events at the Hotel Coronado Take a Turn


Given the strong security from the Secret Service and numerous other law enforcement entities at the Coronado Hotel, no one would have ever suspected what happened during the conference. Over the course of the event, all the CERO attendees were alternately abducted, witnessed close-hand UFOs, and far more than anyone could ever imagine.


From that moment on, Yvonne Smith began the painstaking task of again taking the members of CERO through both interviews and hypnosis. She carefully recounts the experiences of each abductee right under the noses of Bill Clinton and the Secret Service. Were government agents involved? If so, to what extent? And just how deep does the rabbit hole go?


At 410 pages, Coronado answers these questions and more. It explores the personal histories of those involved using carefully researched sound methodologies. At every turn, Coronado is a compelling and taut read. For anyone interested in learning the truth regarding alien visitations, that is, why they continue to surreptitiously visit Earth and why they choose who they choose, Coronado is a must read. Get it now.


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