Area 51 Keep Out License Plate

Area 51 Keep Out License Plate

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As many already know, AREA 51 is the location where many secretive and mysterious events have occurred related to alien research and UFO’s.


Although the International UFO Museum and Research Center at Roswell, NM has the largest body of research in the Western Hemisphere, AREA 51 at Groom Lake, Nevada features prominently in the search for truth.


This souvenir license plate is sure to get noticed for it features the most commonly-seen phrases surrounding the Groom Lake facility, “KEEP OUT AREA 51 DO NOT REMOVE UNDER PENALTY OF IMPRISONMENT.” Set against a black backdrop, the Bold Red stenciled military style “AREA 51” stands in sharp contrast to the simple lettering of the remaining words, much as the signs surrounding Groom Lake to this day.


A word of caution: Not to be used in place of official state license plate requirements. Please check the laws of your state to be sure this plate can be displayed as you like.


Makes a great gift for the UFOlogist in your family, license plate collectors, or even skeptics.


Show your support for the search for truth with this commemorative AREA 51 license plate.