Alien Crash at Roswell

Alien Crash at Roswell

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Jesse Marcel III tells his grandfather’s story in Alien Crash at Roswell: The UFO Truth Lost in Time. Despite over 70 years passing since The Roswell Incident, this piece of unbelievable history is not easily forgotten. As the most universally recognized UFO incident in history, Roswell has captured the interest of the public for a number of years, yet this account, passed down through generations, continues to shed light on the truth Major Jesse Marcel uncovered in the New Mexico desert in July of 1947.

Author Jesse Marcel penned this documentation of his family’s story after a lifetime spent looking to the sky. Peeling back new layers of the infamous Roswell Incident, readers are able to dive deeper into the suspicion, secrecy, and sensationalism of the time with new information in hand.

Alien Crash at Roswell details the events of the crash and the moments after, giving alien enthusiasts and history buffs a closer look at the incident. From Jesse Marcel Jr., the son of Major Marcel, being awoken in the night to see evidence his father recovered, to the great efforts taken by the U.S. Government to silence the witnesses, Marcel writes with the intention of putting the pieces back together in order to inspire a new generation of believers. Dutiful to his country, Major Marcel kept the secrets of Roswell for years and they haunt his family even to this day. The truth cannot be silenced, however, and all will be revealed in this novel. As Marcel Jr. said, “If we are the only ones here, then there’s a lot of wasted space out there.”

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