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Museum Favorites

Numerous visitors flock to visit Roswell each year. For some, Roswell is the destination, and for others it’s just a stop along the way. Regardless of why they’re in town, one thing can typically be agreed upon by most… The International UFO Museum and Research Center must be a stop along the way.

We get hundreds of visitors from all over the globe and we’re always grateful to hear everyone’s feedback on their favorite parts of the museum, so we’ve compiled a list of our guest’s picks from the museum! Plan your next trip to Southeast New Mexico and Roswell and let the excitement build as you read a little more about fan favorites at the UFO Museum.

Aliens & Spaceships

A focal point of the museum, our spinning UFO flocked with alien life forms is one of the most popular photo-ops at the museum. You can find it on our website, postcards, magnets, and more! We also have other alien props around the museum that are fun for guests and make a perfect selfie spot.

“Seriously, you need to visit. The evidence is compelling and props were so fun!” – Mi Truong

“Loved all the novelty alien setups. All the articles, documents, photos and replicas were awesome!” – Katherine Bower

“The alien photo ops are great for the kids.” – Bernadette Knight

“[The spinning spaceship was] my favorite exhibit of the museum. I want this in my yard…” – Liz Lowell

“So much great info displayed beautifully and fun photo ops. I was very impressed. My 11 and 15-year-old daughters thought it was awesome!” -Kim Biggerstaff

International Acclaim & Our Hall of Fame

Roswell has a host of special people who have visited along their travels. Many years ago, we started a Hall of Fame wall for celebrities and notable visitors to sign when they visit the museum! Additionally, we have plenty of guests who come from other parts of the world just to experience Roswell for themselves. We love hearing so many interesting stories from all over.

“There’s no place like home” – Demi Moore

“I crossed the ocean, came from Europe, and made my childhood dream come true by visiting your lovely town and the museum. ” – Csaba Sólyom

“It’s a great place to visit. We visited from the UK a few years ago. Loved the museum and loved the city.” – Kenbo Onebo

“I’m from Scotland and always loved the story and everything regarding Roswell.” – Ryan Maycock

“We loved our visit a few years ago from New Zealand” – Wendy Mawson

Out of This World Exhibits & So Much More

Most visitors spend their time walking around our exhibits in the converted movie theater the UFO Museum calls home. With historical documents, artwork, recreations, and even movie set pieces, there’s something to learn and see around every corner. When we asked our visitors what their favorite museum memories and exhibits were, we got some great answers!

“[The museum is] fascinating and fun! And the fact it's located in an old theater adds to the charm. Great exhibits.” – Ian Hillsman

“I was married in the UFO Museum. It was very memorable.” – Pat Clark

“We routed our mega 2017 cross country road trip with our MUST sees. This was one of those.” – Amy Walton

“The jeweler’s representation of the crash site debris found a few years back. Also, the wooden replica of the Aztec stone.” – Jason Nooner

“The museum is great. Lots of very interesting documents, pictures and stories.” – David Baird

“Very interesting place to visit… Take the time to read the stories from people who were at the crash site, along with the military personnel who were involved. Worth the stop!” – Julene Moore

Read On In the Research Library

Part of the museum’s mission is to inform and educate visitors about UFOs, the possibilities of extraterrestrial life, and of course, the reason why we exist in the first place, the Roswell Incident. Our expansive library and research center is one of the resources we have available for UFOlogists, visitors, and anyone else who’s interested. It’s a guest favorite, and for good reason!

“The highlight of my several trips through Roswell has always been the UFO Museum. I was so impressed with the amount of data that you folks have collected that I had one of my villains in my first novel make a trip out there.” – W.W. Brock

“The UFO Museum is a wonderful resource for information concerning the UFO phenomenon. Their collection of case files is voluminous! In addition, it's just a great location to make new friends, visit old friends, and make new memories... The library and research center? Invaluable!! – William Pullin

Really love the library you all have in the back. I enjoyed reading the older articles and newspaper clips.” – Greg Vick

Thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about the 1947 incident, but I left with some new found knowledge.” – George Parker

“Very unique museum! Lots of reprints of newspaper and magazine articles about UFOs and aliens from the 1940s-present.” Raino Triffonoff

“I was impressed with the sworn affidavits and declassified military reports from the people who witnessed the event.” – Jim Whaley

Flying Saucer Souvenirs

You can’t visit the museum without a souvenir to show for your travels. Our gift shop is stocked with plenty of t-shirts, mugs, figurines, and quirky gifts that everyone will love. We’ve also got plenty of books to purchase so guests can continue their UFO education long after they leave.

“The gift shop was larger than expected, a lot of effort was put into unique alien stuff and if you miss something - they have an online shop too!” – Todd Mulane

“Gift shop had exactly the right things to take home and wow my friends and neighbors.” – Jacob Furr

“The gift shop has a lot of wonderful souvenirs. My husband and I enjoyed [it]! We will be back next year!” – Laura Gerjovich

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