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Mark Chesney

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…Is Mark Chesney a “victim of circumstance”?

…he doesn’t know.


UFOs hit the news media with gravitas in the early 1950s.

That’s about when he showed up on Earth.


It took Mark approximately a decade to become sentient, by then “UFOs” were daily newspaper fodder…


At that time US President John F. Kennedy said that the US had decided to land a man on the Moon before 1970….


SO… young Mark grew up in a world where imagination drove accomplishments…


ANYWAY… when young Mark was a highschool physics student just outside of Chicago in NW Indiana, he applied to be selected for an NSF Astronomy lecture series at Adler Planetarium in Chicago for “gifted students”

..The Director of this was one J. Allen Hynek from Northwestern U.


…Young Mark knew his name from reading about the Air Force Project Blue Book that “claimed” to solve the UFO question..


…Later in 1974, Hynek started the Center For UFO Studies… our young hero Mark showed up on his NU Observatory doorstep and Hynek allowed Mark to be an undergraduate research assistant…..


SO then Mark’s adventure began…




…Mark went on to achieve a degree in aerospace engineering from Purdue University (Neil Armstrong’s home university)


…he continued to dabble in UFO research as a full colleague of Allen Hynek..BUT he continued he personal professional development/


…between working at NASA JSC as a Space Shuttle Safety Simulation expert, then designing (patented) golf clubs for Wilson Golf (the Invex won the 1995 British Open),

and later designing the (patented) handheld Iridium  satellite communication antenna..


…yet all during this time, Mark regularly went on investigation “vacation” trips to Roswell, NM with his friend Don Schmitt to whom he was first introduced by Allen Hynek…

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