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Ben Hansen
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Benjamin Hansen is a security and emergency industry professional and UFO researcher.  Hansen holds an Executive Master’s in Emergency and Disaster Management from Georgetown University and an undergraduate BA degree in sociology with an abnormal psychology emphasis.  With a background in the behavioral sciences, his research at Georgetown centered on the possible societal consequences of Reality Compromising Events, such as extraterrestrial contact, and strategies to mollify the negative effects. 

Hansen brings a unique perspective to UFO/UAP studies with years of experience as a criminal investigator at the state and federal levels, combined with multiple licenses and certifications relating to emergency and crisis management.  As a licensed airplane, seaplane, and commercial drone pilot, one of his focus areas has been connecting with aviators to improve the UFO reporting process and to remove the UFO reporting stigma.  He's also an accomplished television host and producer, having created dozens of programs for networks such as Discovery, Travel, SyFy, and the Smithsonian channels.  Many of those shows such as Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, Roswell: The Final Verdict, and UFO Witness, deal with the UFO and extraterrestrial contact subjects.  As such, Hansen is frequently interviewed for internationally syndicated radio programs and news media regarding his TV programs and private research endeavors.

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