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Brittany Barbieri

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Brittany Barbieri is a Ufologist, Cryptozoologist and Paranormal Investigator. She has been investigating these fields for over 20 years. Her mentor in Ufology and co-host on their podcast No Earthly Explanation is Author Ufologist Donald Schmitt. She leans on her friend Prof. Jeff Meldrum for all things SASQUATCH.  She is currently investigating UFO/UAP reports with her production partner Ben Hansen with Hypocenter Productions. Brittany is also a ufology consultant for the new TV series Station 2-1-1.  She has a background in many different areas from exotic animal training to professional photography. Brittany has been seen on many different television series over the years but most recently you can see her on Unidentified with Demi Lovato on Peacock Episode 3 and UFO Witness Season 2, Ep3 on Travel Channel. Brittany has worked in film and television from a very young age and always found her path leading her back into the unknown world of the paranormal.  No matter what the adventure holds for her, she’s only after one thing, the truth!

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