UFO Sighting Videos

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This page contains videos of UFO sightings, some of which are readily explained.

Massive UFO Event Over Mission BC

Fastwalkers - UFO Documentary

UFO Burns Up Over New Zealand 2012

ButtonUFO on Flatbed Truck

NM UFOUFO Scout Ship Lands In New Mexico

Golan Heights VideoUFO Over Golan Heights

Utah UFO ButtonUFO Sighting Over Utah

Utah Valley UFO UFO Over Utah Valley, January 27, 2012

UFO Over Provo Canyon, Utah in 2004

Peru Button UFO Over Peru

Peru Truth Button UFOs in Peru

London UFO UFOs Over London, England

England UFO Over England

Dulce, NM Button Mystery Spot Near Dulce, New Mexico

Croatia UFO Over Croatia

UFO Russia UFO Over Russia

Los Angeles UFO Over Los Angeles